Mind the Moment

Upcoming Programs: Mindfulness and Focusing

This Fall, the 8-week mindfulness course is being presented online using Zoom videoconferencing. 


Mindfulness and Stress Reduction

Thursdays, October 1, 2020  through November 19, 2020

6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.


The first four classes will introduce mindfulness and awareness of the mind-body connection in order to shape more effective responses to stress and difficulty. We will practice some techniques of meditation, as well as awareness of body and breath. Gentle yoga will offer another means of exploring mind/body connection. These practices can be especially helpful for people suffering from physical or emotional conditions that alter the quality of life, helping them to develop new patterns of responding and co-existing with difficulty. 

The final four classes will build on the new skills. We will review the foundations briefly and then work on deepening mindfulness with additional tools. We will explore and practice mindfulness as a strategy for coping with stress and difficulty, and introduce compassion meditation as a way of shaping our experience. 

This free program is funded by the Gettysburg Hospital Foundation.

Register by calling Healthy Adams County at (717) 337-4137.

For any questions or discussion about the course, contact Julie by email at julie@mindthemoment.org.



Introduction to Focusing

Focusing workshops are anticipated for late winter or early spring, 2021. 
Focusing is an embodied contemplative practice, often done with the support of a compassionate partner, that supports exploring our inner experience in a way that shifts our relationship to it. 

If you're interested in individual Focusing lessons or sessions anytime, please contact Julie at julie@mindthemoment.org.